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Udaypur Sea Beach-Red crab beach

#Beach in Digha

This romantic sea beach located on the border of Odisha just 3 km away from Digha can be flawlessly your perfect honeymoon destination. This uninhabited beach dotted with dense, tall casuarinas trees along the shore is around 3 km long and lies between New Digha and Talasari. As you will proceed and start taking a lazy stroll along the sea beach, a calm, serene and almost virgin beauty will make you feel enchanted.

One of the best things to try out in Udaipur Sea Beach is the tent complex that offers some great tent houses for a perfectly comfortable stay. The rates are pretty good with complimentary breakfast. You will find the lantern in front of every tent in the evening making it look really beautiful. You can also enjoy the motor boat rides and some bike rides on the coastline of this 3 km long beach. You can also have some thrilling experience in a streamer ride through the mangrove forest.

How is the weather at Udaypur Sea Beach

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