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Nathula Pass

#Sight Seeing in Gangtok

Situated at a height of 14140 ft. on the Indo-China Border, the Nathu La pass is one of the most historically important mountain passes in modern history, with its roots traced back to to the days when the Silk Road was an active route for traders of the East and West, over two thousand years ago.

The new Silk Route was reopened in 2006, and since then, serves as a route for trade of yak hair, silk, clothes, etc. The short distance of just 55 kilometers from Gangtok, Sikkim, Nathu La pass is one of the most important place on the itineraries of the tourists. However, to visit the Pass, you would require a permit, which is easily available through the tour agencies, or the hotel you will be staying at. Although photography and videography are not allowed at the Pass, you would have an amazing time, being on the freshly fallen snow on the slope of the Himalayas, with the armies of India and China patrolling the border.

How is the weather at Nathula Pass

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