Agonda Beach

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Agonda Beach-Away from Chaos

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Away from the hustle and bustle, Agonda beach of Goa is an ideal spot for all the people who prefer quite places. The stretches of sand and sun will be a perfect place for you to sunbathe and with plentiful of food and drinks, you get rid of all the hassle you carry. Dig your feet into the warm sand while you sip your drink and adore the beautiful horizon.

The main attraction of this serene beach happens to be the nesting site for Olive-Ridley turtle. They are usually seen in the months from October to May. You can even indulge in activities like dolphin watching where you can hire a boat that will take you into the sea. The sight of those happy creatures splashing water will surely bring a smile on your face. As the sun sinks low, you rise up all relaxed and charged up! Truly this beach happens to be an ideal place if you are in search of solitude.

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