Anjuna Flea Market

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Anjuna Flea Market-Because shopping is cheaper than a therapy!

The famous Anuja flea market of Goa is like a cherry on cream for all the shopaholics out there. Anuja flea market provides items ranging from Cotton Hawaii clothes, artificial jewellery, and handmade commodities to tattoos, liquor and food. This is an ideal place if you want a little time away from the beach and fetch some souvenirs for family and friends.

Looking back at the history of Anuja flea market, we see that it was started by the hippies who came to Goa. But now, you may find people from all over the country luring you to make a purchase from their stall. The beachfront restaurant and cafes provide you with some refreshments as you take some break from the shopping. The best timings to shop at Anuja flea market is early morning or late afternoon as you find more stalls during those hours. Shop and carry some Goan memories with you. Happy Shopping!

Special in Anjuna Flea Market: Use your bargaining skills and you may get the item at a way cheaper rate than the quoted price.

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