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Basilica of Bom Jesus-Fuel up the Faith

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Basilica of bom Jesus Church in Goa is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The beautiful church treasures the sacred remains of St. Francis Xavier in a casket which was created by a Goan silversmith. The statue of St. Ignatius stands to protect a tiny figure of Lord Jesus and eyes rising above at the sun emblazoned with ‘IHS’, a Jesuit emblem.

Turning the pages of history, you will hear stories about the miraculous healing power of the sacred remains at the Basilica of bom Jesus. The fact that it is the only church in Goa that is not plastered from outside leaves you wondering. At Basilica of bom Jesus, an intricately carved piece of architecture you will find light-hearted festivities days before the feast. The art gallery located in the premises of the church is also a must see. Visit this piece of archaic and Catholic beauty and pay your reverence.

Special in Basilica of Bom Jesus: Witness the exposition given to the saint every 10 years where his body is hauled around the Old Goa.

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