Palolem Beach

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Palolem Beach-Good vibes come with Tides!

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Palolem beach of Goa is one of the popular beaches for the tourists. The stretch of sands studded with coconut palms and huts provides you with just the right amount of relaxation. You can indulge in activities like sunbathing, swimming, boat rides, dolphin watching and a lot more at Palolem beach. You can even drop in some Yoga sessions going on.

Palolem beach serves you sensational seafood and delicious South Indian cuisine. You can treat yourself with spa and massage and even get your heart pounding with adventure sports all at the same place. This beach actually comes to life after the sun sets. This beach serves to be the right place for an all night chilled out party with drinks, dance and music. Dance your heart out at the silent disco and enjoy the party time making the night at Palolem, a place whose memories will shimmer forever in your heart!

Special in Palolem Beach: You can try Bodyboarding when the beach generates poweful waves.

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