Paragliding in Goa

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Paragliding in Goa-Attach wings to your dreams!

Goa offers Paragliding, a thrilling experience. You can look through the scenic beauty of Goa as you soar across the sky like a bird. All you need to do is take a deep breath, open your wings and take a flight. It will leave you wondering as to how you can dive into the pool of adrenalin along with the gasps of serenity discovering invincible bliss.

Paragliding at North Goa requires you to trek a little which will surely be worthwhile when you rush down and take the flight. This breathtaking experience ranges from 15 minutes to one hour. Although it is available from September to May, the best time is between December and March. The best part of paragliding is you are comfortably seated while speed and direction are under control. Without worrying about your safety, you can adore the lush green hills and beautiful beaches of Goa as you soar across the blue sky.

Special in Paragliding in Goa: Ask the instructor for the video of your memorable experience including all phases from different angles.

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