Parasailing at Calangute

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Parasailing at Calangute-Where you wear the Bird’s eye!

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At Goa, Calangute offers Parasailing. It will be an exhilarating experience of flying across the sky with nothing but a 300 feet rope which happen to be your only saviour. The view from up there is spectacular and not something to be missed. The best time to take up this adventure is between October and April at an affordable rate of Rs.1000.

As the boat speeds up, you rise higher and in midst of two blue worlds you feel the wind racing around you and as you look down, you see the waves rhythmically gliding to reach the shore. As you adore the scenic beauty from up there, the colourful parachute starts descending, the boat slows down and you rush towards the mighty ocean. Your body starts to wriggle but as you splash the water and give a high five to the waves you rise up again cherishing the sprinkles of water on your face. That’s parasailing for you!

Special in Parasailing at Calangute: Ask your instructor for a double dip!

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