Scuba Diving

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Scuba Diving-Roll in the Deep!

When you are at Goa, you just can’t miss out on Scuba Diving. The breathtaking experience costing nearly Rs.4000 is a treat for all visitors as neither the fitness is an issue, nor the swimming skills. There are a variety of Scuba experiences offered by highly equipped supervisors who ensures your safe and fulfilled experience. Wear your fins and take a dive at amazing places like Grande Island, Vasco Da Gama and Sail Rock.!

Once you are under the water, all you have to do is adore the flora and fauna. The turbulence of the majestic world is not the one you run away from but the one that you chase. Soon the serenity of the aquatic beauty takes over the chaos and you find yourself inside a colourful world realising that you have transcended the reality. The magic of weightlessness is so appealing that it makes you want to unravel the mysteries hidden beneath the corals. Explore the blue world and get a tick on your bucket list!

Special in Scuba Diving: Ask your instructor to record your experience so that you can treasure it forever!

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