Tomb of St. Francis Xavier

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Tomb of St. Francis Xavier-Pervading Divinity!

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Basilica of bom Jesus Church in Goa is well known as it treasures the sacred remains of St. Francis Xavier in a casket which was created by a Goan silversmith. The casket made up of glass and silver initially contained the body of St. Francis Xavier but over the time, it dried up and is now known as the remains. People come here to pay their reverence.

The remains are placed in the casket with thirty-two silver plates on the sides depicting different episodes from the life of the Saint, a man of compassion and it will compel you to follow his morals. It is believed that the remains of St. Francis Xavier have miraculous healing powers even after so many years. Every ten years the exhibition of the body is carried out and thousands of devotees pay a visit with a hope to witness the healing powers. It is not something to be missed when you are in Goa.

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