Tropical Spice Farm

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Tropical Spice Farm-A Step Close to nature

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The tropical spice farm at Goa is a place for people who are fond of nature and purity. You can witness a perfect harmony of traditions with nature here. As you step inside you are greeted with Aarti, kumkum and a garland of flowers. You are even served meals on banana leaves. These practices restore your faith in the Indian traditions stuffed with nature.

There are a lot of things to adore here. Butterfly garden, a recent addition to this magnificent place is a must. You will be surrounded with colourful tiny creatures flapping their wings and enhancing the beauty of the place. Apart from that, you can see almost 75 species of birds, play around with the elephants and ride one. You will gain some knowledge about the spices, their care, their use and even take some goodies with you. Take the tropical plantation tour and have fun in the laps of nature.

Special in Tropical Spice Farm: Put on your anti-slip shoes and visit the farm during monsoon as the rain enhances its beauty.

How is the weather at Tropical Spice Farm

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