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Siddu or Sidu, a “Himachali dish” without a doubt is one of the most loved dishes in Himachal mostly in Kullu, Manali, Mandi, Rohru, and Shimla. It is just a kind of bread made from wheat flour.

There is so much variety available in siddu only, the most famous stuffing is Groundnuts. The non-veg version of Siddu is also being offered by the warm himachali’s to every tourist or traveler who is eger to try out this amazing dish.

Normally, it is eaten or served with Desi Ghee “Clarified Butter”, Dal (Mainly Lentil Broth) or with Green Chutney (made from mint ‘Pudina’) and trust us it’s really gonna charge up your taste buds.



Himachal Pradesh, India

Ideal to eat at  Breakfast , Brunch  


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