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Why travel GHNP?

The Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) as a natural site has been inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage list. Mystical glaciers and unique ecological conditions of the Western Himalayas were salient features responsible for the park.

The rare and endemic nature of many animal and plant communities at GHNP are of great interest to the travelers who love adventure and nature. A sight of the mysterious snow leopard is a visual enjoyment for wildlife photographers and untamed life lovers.

Sparse human populations, exotic flora and fauna, camping and trekking adventures counts as the reason to visit here.

“A Paradise Waiting To Be Explored”

A National Forest in Himachal Pradesh, India

4329 meters

Interest Measure for GHNP

Ideal time to stay:  2 – 4 days

Best Interests at GHNP

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How is the weather at GHNP


Height(Altitude) of GHNP from sea level:  14201 feet
Latitude/Longitude:  31.6410604°N, 77.3857668°E

Ecosystem:  Mountain , Valley  

Food, Culture and Language at GHNP

Food Type Available:  Indian, Tibetan 
Regional Language:  Hindi
Currency:  ₹ – Rupee (INR)

Know the best time to visit GHNP

Glimpse of GHNP