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A noteworthy city established by ruler Surajesan, Gwalior is aplenty with lovely landmarks, castles and sanctuaries, giving this city a lofty appeal which says a lot of its transcendent past. The city’s legacy has remained caught in the forcing engineering of mosques, shake sanctuaries and statues. Encompassed by wonderful slopes and greenery.

The Gwalior post, which gives an all encompassing perspective of the whole city, the Jai Vilas royal residence and the Sun Temple are few of the visitor spots in Gwalior that can’t be missed. The colossal Indian artist Tansen was conceived in Gwalior and the tomb of Tansen is additionally an essential place here. During November/December, a 4-day Tansen Music celebration is praised in the city and it sees different traditional artists from everywhere throughout the nation performing on the phase close to the tomb itself.

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