Jatinga BIrd Watching Center

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Jatinga BIrd Watching Center-The Valley of Death for Birds

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Jatinga, famous for bird suicides is popularly referred to as ‘The valley of death for Birds’. It is a scenic village situated some 9 km south of Haflong in the Dimo Hasao district of Assam. The Jatinga Valley is famous for orange orchids. A large number of birds migrate to this place. The months of August to November notices a number of ornithologists and birders visiting Jatinga to observe the phenomenon of migratory birds moving to their uncertain deaths.

The disorientation caused by high altitudes and fog might be one of the reason while locals consider these falling birds as evil spirits. The things to do in Jatinga include bird watching. Jatinga has a bird watching center which also provides accommodation facilities in Jatinga on prior booking with the district forest office. The place has limited eating options so it is better to carry food packets while visiting. The place is of great scientific importance. The trip from Jatinga to Silchar and Haflong to Jatinga is comfortable and easily accessible.

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