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Hogenakkal Falls-A Visit to Fun and Frolic

#Waterfall in Hogenakkal

One of the breathtaking destinations in South India is the majestic Hogenakkal Falls. A cool spray arises from the water, splashing the rocks produces smoke, which gives rise to the name Hogenakkal.

The water from the falls, flows through a forest of herbs and is considered to possess medicinal properties and be good for health. You can take in the rugged peaks and tall trees with long walks and treks. The falls offers coracle rides on the winding waters with soothing oil massages on the shore. It is an ideal weekend getaway for friends and families to enjoy nature’s heritage. Also known as the Niagara of India, it boasts of a lush landscape with a natural river spa. You can quench your thirst for adventure and fun in this exotic location. Make sure you tick this off your to do list in Hogenakkal.

How is the weather at Hogenakkal Falls

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