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Melagiri Hills

#Hill in Hogenakkal

A renowned attraction in Hogenakkal is the Melagiri Hills. It is the converging point of the Western and Eastern Ghats, giving a bird’s eye view of the scenery below. You can treat your eyes to a lovely landscape of fog covered peaks and towering trees. The location is sure to strike a chord with nature enthusiasts.

Trekkers and adventure seekers can get a sublime experience of the increasingly lovely view as you go up. The scenic beauty of mist and clouds with the lush greenery is a visual treat. You can pamper yourself in the calm atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle. The trek through the dense forests will add to the excitement of viewing the ranges. A glimpse of one horned antelopes is also possible if you get lucky. Come and appease yourself in the mesmerising beauty of the relaxing hills.

How is the weather at Melagiri Hills

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