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Albert Hall Museum-Architectural Marvel

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The exquisite building of the Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur is housed in the center of Ram Niwas Garden. It is the oldest museum of Rajasthan and has become an important place to visit in Jaipur. Also called as the Government Central Museum, the Albert Hall Museum is modeled on the Albert Museum of London and represents the Indo- Saracenic style of architecture. The main attraction of the Albert Hall Museum is the building itself, with its beautifully elaborate domes and carved arches constructed from inland stone.

The museum displays a vast range of antique objects like metal objects, wood crafts, carpets, stone and metal sculptures, arms and weapons, natural stones and ivory goods. It also houses a large collection of miniatures from Bundi, Kota, Kishangarh, Udaipur and Jaipur schools of art. The Albert Hall Museum’s timing is from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The entry fee to Albert Hall Museum is INR 10-20 for Indians and INR 75-150 for foreigners. Photography is allowed inside the museum and you can click Albert Hall Museum’s images.

150 rs for foreigners

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