Sanganer Jain Temple

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Sanganer Jain Temple-The Historical Temple

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The Digamber Jain Temple also called the Sanganer Jain Temple of Sanganer is an ancient Jain Temple situated at a distance of 16 km from Jaipur city. The Digamber Jain Temple of Sanganer is considered to be 4000 years old and an important pilgrimage site for the follower of Jainism. Built with red sandstone, the temple is dedicated to Lord Adinath ( Rishabh Dev). The temple is an artistic masterpiece with attractive carvings and marble works.

The Sanganer Jain Mandir is one of the holiest Jain temples in the country with underground floors and temples. The Sanganer Jain Mandir is seven storied temple with sky-high ‘shikharas’ ( spires). The inner sanctum of the Jain Mandir is a stone shrine with eight sky-high ‘shikharas’. The Sanganer Jain Temple mysteries are very famous worldwide and there are lots of stories behind the temple. Sanganer has an India Gate that also shows that the place has past values like other fort and palaces of Jaipur.

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