Desert Cultural Center and Museum

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Desert Cultural Center and Museum

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If you are visiting Jaisalmer and you want to acquire rich and deep knowledge of craftsmanship, culture heritage and also artistic skill of this city you must visit Desert culture centre and museum. The museum displays wide range of rare coins, manuscript, textiles, variety of utensils, priceless fossil and many other artifacts.

The display in this museum offers an abundant amount of artefacts for increasing tourist’s knowledge relevant to Jaisalmer. The night puppet show is the highlight of this culture center, showcasing the best of the Rajasthani Heritage at minimal entry fees of INR 100. The museum is liked by researchers and scholars very much as it is a way to get a deep knowledge about the city Jaisalmer. ‘Karal’- is one type of utensil used for opium mixing which is a great attraction for tourists who visit from all over the world.

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