Desert National Park

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Desert National Park

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The Desert National Park is protected sanctuary. The park is considered not only the largest in the state of Rajasthan but also largest in India. The place is close to Bharatpur and attracts large migratory birds. The park is formed by sand dunes, rocky surfaces, and salt lake bottoms. The Great Indian Bustard can be found in great numbers.

It is home to indigenous wildlife and avifauna species, the park represents a unique ecosystem. Chinkara, Indian Fox, Hare and Desert Cat are some of the most commonly found animals in this park. The main part of the park is in a landscape which consists of lake bed of extinct salt lakes and thorny scrubs and it is the wonder to see how these living organisms live under this harsh condition. Do visit this place on the adventure filled Jeep Safari and carry the good pair of binoculars and nice.
DSLR cameras.

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