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Tanot Mata Temple

#Temple in Jaisalmer

Sometimes if watch movies we get to know about the destinations that we should visit. So if you have watched movie ‘Border’ you must have come across the scene of the temple Tanot Mata Temple or Mateshwari Tanot Rai Mandir. The sanctuary is found near India- Pakistan border and visitors are not permitted to go past this temple. Tanot Mata temple remains untouched by overwhelming shelling by Pakistan in Indo-Pak war of 1971.

The temple is located at 150km from Jaisalmer City. According to Charan writing, Tanot Mata is the new clone of awesome goddess Hinglaj Mata after that Tanot Mata progressed and has become Karni Mata. Tanot Mata is accepted as the incarnation of Goddess Hinglaj which is situated in Lasvela region of Baluchistan. And one of the interesting parts of the temple is that the bombs which were shed by Pakistan in the war did not harm the temple at all because of the Goddess Tanot divine power and now you can find these unexploded bombs in Tanot Mata temple museum.

How is the weather at Tanot Mata Temple

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