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Mahamaya Temple-Symbol of Women Strength

#Temple in Jammu

Mahamaya temple is an important place to visit in Jammu. The best thing about this temple is that it is not dedicated to any Hindu deity but to a local female freedom fighter who sacrificed her life to save her motherland. This temple is in the middle of the forest at the top of the hill. It provides a panoramic view of the whole Jammu city.

Mahamaya temple is counted as one of the famous tourist spots in Jammu, even for the adventure seekers. If you want to experience a great bike ride in Jammu, then reach Mahamaya Temple by your own vehicle and enjoy the adventure. The climate near the temple is pleasant throughout the year and it offers you great scenic beauty and city views. The Mahamaya Temple is a perfect example of the power and strength of Indian women which is often underestimated. It is located just opposite to Bahu fort. If you are looking for sight seeing places in Jammu , this place is perfect for you.

How is the weather at Mahamaya Temple

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