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Surinsar Lake-Picturesque Spot in Jammu

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Surinsar Lake is a popular picnic spot in Jammu. Surrounded by a thick layer of wooden mountain ranges , it is known for its beauty and mythological importance. The perimeter of this lake is surrounded by thick mangroves ,pine trees and beautiful gardens. The island in the middle is home to thousands of bats. The calming effect of the picturesque environment is nevertheless rewarding.

The enchanting flora and fauna are worth exploring near the lake. During summer season, visitors can find seemingly endless number of lotus flowers blooming on the surface of the lake. There are several restaurants and food joints near the place. The hours of downs and dusk are considered ideal for capturing awesome and stunning pictures. A bird sanctuary around the lake is a favorite among the bird watchers. If you are looking for boating and swimming in Jammu , this place is not for you as it is restricted due to religious beliefs.

How is the weather at Surinsar Lake

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