Why travel Jim Corbett?

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Jim Corbett is an ideal spot for vacation in the lap of Mother Nature for wildlife lovers and adventure connoisseurs. The greenery of dense deciduous forest and a pleasant weather make this place as a all weather destination for the travellers, who want a closer peek at mother nature and its as proud as peacock beauty.

Feeling close to natural entities and staying among them is soothing and relaxing and passes muster to your expectations. Located in Nainital, Uttrakhand, Jim Corbett alone covers 520.8 square km of area. It contains 488 species of plants and 586 species of fauna including migratory birds, crested serpent eagle and red jungle fowl. You might also find leopards, Bengal tigers and Indian elephants. Jeep safaris, walking safaris, treks around the park and Corbett falls are the major tourist attractions of this place.

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