Paragliding in Kamshet

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Paragliding in Kamshet-Redefining Experience of Gliding

#Paragliding in Kamshet

Experience the feel of paragliding in its entirety in Kamshet which is one of the top spots in India for paragliding. With much experienced gliding schools and trainers and well equipped equipment’s, Kamshet is considered to be that hub for parasailing where you can safely indulge in the sport and make it one of the best learning experiences of your life.

Kamshet provides paragliding opportunities for all kind of people that includes paragliding schools for beginners and those who want to learn the sport properly. A nirvana adventure is one of the most popular groups here which organizes and runs programs for paragliding. There are few other adventure activities like rock climbing and water sports which are organized here. There are a few famous paragliding spots here including Shinde Wadi Hills, Kondeshwar Cliff, Tower Hill and Shelar. So, experience paragliding here and make it one of the best memories ever.

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