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Tehri Dam

#Dam in Kanatal

Built on the meeting point of River Bhagirathi and Bhilangna, Tehri Dam in New Tehri makes for an exciting visit. It has the reputation of being the highest dam in the country and is also counted as one of the highest dams in the world. It is a multi-purpose embankment dam made up of rocks and earth-fill.

The Tehri Dam View Point offers an awesome view of the dam and the catchment area. The amazing sight of the might of human efforts is truly breathtaking. The deep green color of the water gives it a fantastic look. It is the place where you can try out various water sports activities such as boating, banana ride, jet skiing etc. After reaching the dam there is a cable car also which passes over the dam. A valid permit is required to enter the premises of the dam and avail the facilities inside.

How is the weather at Tehri Dam

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