Why travel Kanatal?

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Kanatal is a small village located on the Chamba-Mussoorie road. The surroundings of this place are set perfectly by the outlining mountains and rivers, providing a breathtaking view of the landscape. You should take a trip to Kanatal if you’re looking for a destination that is calm and unexplored.

Kanatal mainly serves as a weekend getaway for the people living near Delhi NCR. For the tourists, Kanatal provides you with various places of interest such as the dense and enriching Kodia jungle, the holy Surkanda Devi Temple which includes a wonderful trekking experience. Not to forget, the Tehri Dam situated here makes for an interesting visit too. Come to Kanatal and enjoy nature’s bliss in its pure form. You can spot a few wild animals by taking a ride through the jungle in a jeep, and you can also see many natural springs that are quite prevalent in the region.

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