Gandhi Memorial, Kanyakumari

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Gandhi Memorial, Kanyakumari-A Tribute to the Mahatama

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A momentous attraction near the shores of Kanyakumari is the renowned Gandhi Memorial. The bright pink mandapam was constructed to honour the sacrifices made by the Father of the Nation. It is built where the ashes of the Mahatma was place for people to pay homage before being sunk in the sea.

The quiet interiors are an ideal place for relaxation. The memorial is of great historical importance and has a unique Orissa style of architecture. It was designed meticulously with its height corresponding to the age of Gandhi. Another remarkable feature is the hole on the roof through which sun rays fall on the spot where the urn was kept, which can be seen only on October 2, birth anniversary of Gandhiji. It has an expansive interior with paintings and pictures lining the walls. Be sure to pay your respects to the revered soul while you are here.

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