Vivekananda Rock Memorial

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Vivekananda Rock Memorial-A Tryst with Spirituality

#Monument in Kanyakumari

A symbol of purity and unity is the lofty Vivekananda Rock Memorial located offshore. The colossal structure was constructed as a tribute to the spiritual leader Swami Vivekananda, an undying source of inspiration illustrating various architectural styles of India. The imposing memorial stands in grandeur with the vast waters around.

It has two main structures – Vivekananda mandapam and Sripada Mandapam. It is built on two rocks with one having a brownish projection resembling a human footprint, hence the name Sripada. A bronze statue of Swami Vivekananda stands erect in the other mandapam, constructed to directly face the Sripadam. It has a mix of conventional and modern architecture, with a mandapam to relax and meditate. One of the most revered memorials, it can be reached only by a boat cruise, a pleasant ride to enjoy.

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