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Manki Point-The Highest Point

#Sight Seeing in Kasauli

This is the highest point in Kasauli, Manki (Monkey) Point is 4 km from the bus stop and has a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

There is a 3 km walk from bus stand to Indian Air Force station from there you have to climb up a steep staircase of around 1 km. The hike up to the temple can be a bit difficult for those who are not used to climbing, but it is worth the effort. A tough climb to the top will reward you with beautiful valley views.

You can watch the brilliant sparkle of the Sutlej river as it makes its way through the plains and the pure beauty of the snow-capped peaks of the Dhauladhar Range. The signing of the route starts from the Church. There are some restrictions such as one is not allowed to carry bags or cameras inside the Air Force Station.

How is the weather at Manki Point

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