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Grahan Village-Peace of the Parvati Valley

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Grahan village is one of the less known destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Situated at a height of around 7,700 feet above the mean sea level, with a sparse population of just 50 households this place is truly the perfect destination for nature lovers. Adventure activity like hiking is best suited for this place.

The best time to visit Grahan Village is mid-March to the first week of June and then again from September to the first week of November. Grahan village is well known for the special honey collected by it locals from the adjoining forests. The local cuisine includes the famous Himachal food which is served by all the cafes. If you visit this place you not only get to stay close to nature but also listen to the local tales and mysteries concerning this village. Grahan village lies on the way to SAR PASS trek which is about 20kms from Grahan at a height of 4200m(13,700ft).

Special in Grahan Village: No mobile network, so extreme peaceful stay

How is the weather at Grahan Village

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