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Kalga Village-Experience The Silence

#Village in Kasol

A modest bunch of travelers going by Kalga is maybe the prime motivation behind why it remains a choice goal for those looking for an essence of the unconventional. Past the settlement of Barshaini close Kasol in Himachal Pradesh, the small Kalga town is off the beaten traveler trail and a find for anybody searching for mountains, quietude, and daylight.

The most striking aspect of Kalga is unlike typical Himachali hamlets. It does not have the buzzing about of town life.

Mountains covered with powder-white snows cradles the village. Small patches offlat land are dotted with an odd house or two, and a multitude of apple trees. Some of these houses serve as guesthouses and are the only stay option.

Special in Kalga Village: Kalga is definitely not for those looking for an activity-packed getaway, but instead those who want to escape it.

How is the weather at Kalga Village

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