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Paragliding-Experience of lifetime

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Anirudh Singh

#Paragliding in Khajjiar

Paragliding, as an adventure sport, needs no introduction. The adrenaline rush of flying a few thousand feet above the ground, without a motor blasting through your ears is absolutely sensational.

The Paragliding at Khajjiar is an exceptional experience which can be done by people of all ages. The sport of paragliding is not quite tough to learn. Trained Instructors can help you learn the basics of the sport in just a few hours. Paragliding in Khajjiar is performed with all safety measures, it is safe for all eligible gliders. If you have a strong passion to experience thrill, paragliding is your sport.

Special in Paragliding: 4k Video of paragliding at some extra cost.

How is the weather at Paragliding

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