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Adinath Temple-Rishabhadeva Jina

#Temple in Khajuraho

The Adinath Temple, devoted to Jina Adinatha is littler and less complex than the Parsvanatha Temple and is found promptly to its north. It is a nirandhara temple of which just the sanctum and vestibule have survived. In the polish of plan and outline it takes after the Vamana sanctuary. The top of the vestibule merits particulars see for its rich outline and adornment. The temple is assignable to the late 11th century A.D.

Truth be told, the main imperative contrast between them lies in the enrichment of the top line of the external divider, which on account of the Vamana indicates precious stones in specialties yet speaks to here a lively band of flying vidyadhara, likewise found on the Javari, Chaturbhuja and Duladeo sanctuaries. As its sikhara is not as squat and substantial as that of the Vamana however demonstrates better extents, it seems, by all accounts, to be marginally more advanced and to some degree later in date than the Vamana. This is likewise validated by its sculptural style. This sanctuary is supported round by three groups of rich models including enchanting sura-sundaris. The main specialties of the external veneers contain pictures of Jaina yakshis.

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