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Bhira Dam-The biggie with Beauty and Fun

#Dam in Kolad

Bhira Dam or popularly known as Tata Power house dam in Kolad is one of the biggest hydroelectric power projects in the country in terms of size. The huge dam has turned the region into a hub of tourist activity. Nearby the dam people enjoy picnicking and boating in the waters.

Region surrounding Bhira dam and reservoir is known for its natural beauty and lush green surroundings. With a local population of just about 10,000, this is a rather sleepy place that oozes with calmness and tranquility. Bhira waterfall gushes down in its full glory at the peak of the rainy season during the months of June to August. So if you are in wanting to get away from the crowds, din and pollution of the cities just love visiting here for weekend trips to get refreshed and rejuvenated. Tourists can also visit the Birla Salao Temple and the Pali Ganesh Mandir situated nearby.

How is the weather at Bhira Dam

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