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Kuda Caves-The Inscribed Beauty

#Cave in Kolad

Kuda caves or popularly known Buddhist caves are rock cut caves are considered as a spectacular example of Buddhist cave art and architectural excellence. Kuda caves are situated at an altitude of 150 to 200 m above sea level. Kuda caves give a picturesque view of the surrounding valley as it is situated on hilly terrain.

Kuda Caves in all are 26 rock-cut caves, 11 rock-cut cisterns and 30 inscriptions. All caves are located as compact group, outer caves are not further than 200 m away. The rock cut cave represents Buddhist culture and thirty inscriptions describe donations by lay Buddhists and Buddhist monks. Front gate of the caves presents rock carved images of elephants. Entrances open to the south-west, there opens beautiful view on fine landscape – estuary with steep hills around it.

How is the weather at Kuda Caves

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