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Tala Fort-Relic of History

#Monument in Kolad

Tala fort is a fortified monument on the southern bank of Malti creek which lies in east west direction at a height of 1000 feet above the sea level. This fort is separated from the rest of the hill by a wide gap. The bottom of the hill on which the fort located is surrounded by thick woody forest.  The strategic location of the Tala fort gives a beautiful view of Rajpuri River.

Tala fort is one of the protected monuments which was built during the reign of Bhoja Raja and was used as a watch on the beautiful Rajpuri stream. This fort is a very good example for the artistic talents of that generation. Being surrounded by hilly terrains and green forests adds to the charm of the place. The historic importance and the fabulous look of Tala fort attract a large number of people throughout the year. Once a center of prime importance, now this marvelous construction stands as the relic of its past glory.

How is the weather at Tala Fort

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