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Mall Road

#Main street in Manali

Mall Road is the social hub as well as the central commercial area of Manali. It is the heart of the city and hence most of the city’s major markets are located here. The bus terminals are also situated here. People can enjoy a lively stroll here or indulge in a little tourist-y shopping from the stores lining the streets.

Manali’s markets brim with cozy woolens to snuggle in on those chilly mountain nights. Popular buys include shawls, traditional Kullu hats and other assorted woolen items. Being a popular tourist spot, all kinds of local handicraft and trinkets can be found in the shops. Tibetan goods can also be spotted as a riot of colorful handicrafts, clothing and jewelry dotted all across the streets. A variety of restaurants and eating joints are also present here to keep the tourists sated.

Special in Mall Road: Foodies should try apple pickles and ‘Lingad’ , a kind of wild asparagus, sold on the mall roads.

How is the weather at Mall Road

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