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#Sports in Manali

The Solang valley which is already famous for skiing and paragliding, also offer its visitors to enjoy a novel adventure zorbing. It is an inflatable pvc ball which contains another smaller ball that is suspended into position by thousand nylon strands of varying colours that is suitable only for grass covered slopes. Zorbing stops when snow covers the grass slope in winter.

Famous for its paragliding, Solang Nala also offers its visitors a novel adventure activity called Zorbing.

You can enjoy the view of the valley from every possible angle while rolling down the grassy slopes. It is a recreational sport which involves rolling down a slope inside an orb made of transparent plastic. A Zorb is an inflatable plastic ball containing another smaller ball that is suspended, by thousands of nylon strands of various colours, into the right position. Ideally carried out on gentle slopes, Zorbing can also be carried out in water.

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