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Balancing Rock-Characteristic Natural Marvel

#Sight Seeing in Mawlynnong

Discover the balancing rocks on the outskirts of the Mawlynnong village, a must see nature’s wonder for science freaks. The spot has two stones, a huge boulder resting on a smaller stone. The structure is enclosed by a wired fence and is free of cost to visit and observe it. The structure has remained like that for ages and no cyclone or storm has been able to disturb the formation ever.
The place is called as Nature’s Balancing Rock or Maw Ryngkew Sharatia. The place is easily accessible y four wheeler and one can hire a cab and easily reach the spot. The place is completely surrounded by bamboo plantations and also has many stories attached to it. Some legends say that this was the spot where human sacrifices were made 1000 years back to appease the deity of the place. While other say that it was an ancient shrine of Khasi Tribals. Maw Ryngkew Shataria is one of the few places in the country where balancing rock can be seen.

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