Church of Epiphany, Mawlynnong

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Church of Epiphany, Mawlynnong-The 100-year old church of Epiphany

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The Church of Epiphany is another landmark of the village Mawlynnong. the church has recently completed its hundred years and has a unique old charm. Walking along the premises of this church will sooth your mind and soul. The church has beautiful unruly bushes of beautiful orange and red flowers. According to the legends, Welsh Christian missionaries came to this village in the 19th century and since then, the village has been following a strong tradition of Christianity.
The Church of Epiphany is the only church in the village and people consider it as one of the most important pa​rt of their life. All the food that you will eat in the village is cooked using locally grown stuff. Every house has a tradition of having its own vegetable gardens. They say it is the missionaries that changed their lives and taught them ways to reach God through cleanliness and thereby winning the title of cleanest city of Asia for itself.

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