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Tea estates Mirik-Beauty and serenity of Mirik

#Sight Seeing in Mirik

A trip to Mirik is incomplete without seeing the beautiful tea estates that the city has. Mirik is full of the valley covered with tea plantations. There are eight beautiful tea estates in Mirik area, the most famous ones being the Thurbo Tea estate and the Sourenee Tea Estate. These estates sprawl over more than hundred hectares and are located under the shadows of Kanchenjunga.

The fascinating thing about the tea estates is that you can walk through the gardens provided you don’t damage the bushes. Spending an hour or two here with bushes growing on either side will make the rest of your day. The workers really work hard throughout the year as one can see them picking ripe leaves and watering the bushes at regular interval. The love of nature combines here to bless the teas with an unmatched quality. There are some awesome and beautiful Tea estates hotels in Mirik Valley where you can have a memorable and great stay.

How is the weather at Tea estates Mirik

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