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The Sumendu lake-Boating, Horse riding and Fun

#Lake in Mirik

In the middle of the cave quiet valley and serene hills of Darjeeling, Mirik Lake( or The Sumendu lake) is the most prominent place in Mirik. It is also known as The Sumendu Lake. The Sumendu Lake is beautiful, calm and yet invigorating and will surely take your breath away. If you love boating, this place is perfect for you.The Sumendu Lake is famous for boating activities. The view of the whole Mirik while boating in this lake is surprisingly impressive. The pleasing climate adds a different flavour to this place.

The arched shaped bridge is another attraction over this lake.Horse riding is another thing to do in Mirik Lake. Children love this place for Horse riding. The lake is situated at the walking distance from the city. The lake is bordered by Dhupi trees and a beautiful garden is also made in the eastern side of the lake. One can enjoy the beautiful mountain peaks and beautiful hills while boating or horse riding which is a perfect delight to the eyes.

Special in The Sumendu lake: Try your hands on boating and horse riding

How is the weather at The Sumendu lake

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