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All the places to visit and things to do in Mount Abu

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Oasis in the deserted land of Rajasthan and posses the honor of being the only hill-station in Rajasthan as well as north-west India, The world famous tourist destination is known for its Delwara Jain temples and natural beauty world over, situated amidst lush green forested hills on the highest peak in the Aravali range is also the summer capital for the Indian state of Rajasthan, home to lakes, waterfalls and green forests, the hill retreat, has a very cool and soothing climate thanks to its rich flora covering the entire hillside that includes coniferous trees and flowering shrubs. Be mindful that if you arrive during Diwali (October or November), or the following two weeks, prices soar and the place is packed. Mt Abu also gets pretty busy from mid-May to mid-June, before the monsoon.

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