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Elephanta Caves

Elephanta is an island off the Mumbai coast declared as the most enigmatic heritage sites in India. It is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is currently maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. The island, located on the arm of the Arabian Sea, consists of two group of caves. First is a large group of five Hindu Caves and the second one is a smaller group of two Buddhist caves.

It is one of the major tourist attraction for the people visiting Mumbai. The main cave also called the Shiva Cave is 27 metres square in plan with a hall. The caves contain rock cut stone sculptures. The west wing of the caves is in a semi-ruined state and has small chapel and a cistern enclosed within the pillared cave. How to reach Elephanta is not at all a big question. Mumbai to Elephanta caves can be easily reached by firstly reaching the Gateway of India. From here, you will find boats leaving for the caves at regular interval.

How is the weather at Elephanta Caves

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