Why travel Mumbai?

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Mumbai is in all ways a mega-city driven by power, wealth, glamour and fame which attracts people to give shape to their dreams and aspirations. A fabulous city full of dreamers to hard laborers, from starlets to gangsters, from stray dogs to exotic birds, artisans to servants, biggest slums to some of the world’s most expensive homes, beaches and marine drive, Mumbai has it all.

The day in Mumbai truly begins at night, and that is why it is called as the city that never sleeps. The Gateway of India will give you the smell of Hindu-Muslim style of architecture, you can also peek into the world of Bollywood by visiting ‘Film City’. To have some thrill and adventures, the city has some of the best adventure parks ‘Essel World’ and ‘Water Kingdom’. Visit and explore the vivid colors and tastes of the city.

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Nearest airport in Mumbai is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport