Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

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Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary-The Hotspot of Munnar

A renowned biodiversity hotspot in Munnar is the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is home to the endangered giant grizzled squirrel of India found only here. The sanctuary is rich in wildlife with a variety of medicinal spices. The sanctuary offers a number of ecotourism activities including river trekking and natural trails.

From the top of the watchtower you can get a panoramic view of the amazing destination. There is the Thoovanam waterfall deep within, adding to the scenic beauty of the wildlife. You can engage yourself in bird watching and trekking among other activities. You can also get a glance of herds of elephants and other animals ambling by. This destination of floral, ecological and cultural significance needs to be ticked off your to do list in Munnar.

Special in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary: Stay at ethnic hut built in tribal style at Vasiyappara.

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