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Why travel Nainital?

Nainital, popularly called the ‘Lake District’, for its mightily popular lake, Naini lake. It is perfect weekend getaway for the people of Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. Nainital is a highly recommended tourist destination to corporate, couples, families, friend groups and individuals also. It’s a unique destination which can captivate the minds of tourists of any genre.

Nainital is bubbling with a very different kind of ambience, which can soothe your mind and
enrich your soul. The drive from Noida to Nainital is equally breathtaking and if you are a travel-freak, you’ll be having one of the best drives of your life. If you love travelling, you should consider traveling early in the morning, for the experience is best at this time and you will only take 5 hours. The highway is utterly smooth and promises you of a beautiful ride.

“Lake District”

A City in Uttarakhand, India

Interest Measure for Nainital

Ideal time to stay:  2 – 4 days

Best Interests at Nainital

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How is the weather at Nainital


Height(Altitude) of Nainital from sea level:  970 feet
Latitude/Longitude:  29.3841911°N, 79.4632876°E

Ecosystem:  Hill , Lake  

Food, Culture and Language at Nainital

Food Type Available:  Indian 
Regional Language:  Hindi
Currency:  ₹ – Rupee (INR)
Tags:  #Green  

Know the best time to visit Nainital

Glimpse of Nainital