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Amrita Sarovar

#Sight Seeing in Nandi Hills

While nandi hills leave you satisfied with nature doing its work in making it a perfect getaway from the weary city life, you can’t afford to not pay the ‘ lake of nectar’ a visit. Sparkling water in moonlight, lake in between the historical structures, amrita sarovar is an amazing tourist attraction and a must visit for people exploring nandi hills.

Formed by the perennial springs, the ‘lake of ambrosia’ is a major source of water there with being filled throughout the year. Come sit here at night, with moonlight beautifully plays with water at night and feel eccentric sitting next to the alluring source of water surrounded by the ancient historical vibe of the buildings around it.What else do you need to end your trip to the magnificent nandi hills except this peaceful visit!

Special in Amrita Sarovar: Bird watching

How is the weather at Amrita Sarovar

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